Our team supply Sustainable Scottish Shellfish direct to your door.

We use our innovative Lobster Pod system to ensure your lobster, crab or langoustine is cared for from catch to plate.

Lobster Pod, based in Fife, get our supply of fresh, quality seafood direct from fishermen around Scotland.  We choose fishermen who use sustainable practices and take care of their catch and the habitat.  By using our Lobster Pod system onboard their boat the shellfish are kept in ideal conditions. The lobsters are graded by size and quality into customised fish boxes.  We only buy the very best quality shellfish and ensure it is handled with care. A healthy and happy lobster is tastier!

The best quality Scottish shellfish is now available to buy direct.

The shellfish is transported to our base near Edinburgh using the Lobster Pod vivier system.  This keeps the water filtered and chilled to ensure a stress-free journey for the shellfish.  Our friends call it the lobster limousine!  We then move the customised fish boxes into our holding system which is flooded with fresh seawater.  As the shellfish is already pre-graded by size we do not need to over-handle them.

The provenance of our Lobster Pod shellfish is fantastic.

We have complete traceability with our system and can tell you who caught your lobster, where and when.  With 85% of native shellfish being exported and many restaurants using inferior Canadian lobsters it can be hard to source good quality, UK lobsters.  Most shellfish has been through at least five different buyers before it reaches the fishmongers.  From fishermen to merchants to fishmongers to chefs the quality deteriorates over time and the provenance is hard to prove.  If you are a foodie and want to know where your food comes from and be assured of the quality and superior taste place an order for Lobster Pod shellfish today.

Limited Stock

We only have a limited amount of lobster, crab and creel caught langoustine available each week.  We can deliver anywhere in mainland UK by next day courier for orders placed before noon (deliveries Tue – Fri) For enquiries or to place an order please call Errin on Tel 01383 820685.  Discretion assured.

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